Uchidesigns: a unified platform for interior designers

About Project

Uchidesigns is a unified platform that allows interior designers and their clients to collaborate on design projects. It offers a sleemless search to easily discover products, share the selected portfolio and get approval from clients in a professional manner.


Uchi’s target audience are decorators and interior designers who currently spend tons of time sourcing products. They search in design books, magazines, and online resources like Pinterest and Instagram, which have a limited selection of items. Dozens of online interior-design resources require designers to communicate with and explain what they are looking for. It’s an overwhelming and inefficient experience, so we built a single tool to source products and craft a design project that can be shared directly with their clients for efficient and modern collaboration.


Initially, our team worked with the client for 2 weeks to understand product vision and identify the right tools for the solution. The team was able to release the first version of MVP within 1 month and after a couple more iterations we build the web application with +100,000 searchable items.
We completed the initial project requirements within 3 months and now we’re in the process of improvements based on users’ feedback.

Features we built

  • Flexible and insightful search that cuts down the research time and allows users to discover products across fabrics, wallpapers, lightings and rugs
  • Find similar items by uploading an image and get inspiration from similar styles
  • Users can manage multiple clients and boards
  • Create client’s portfolio by saving products to client boards
  • Bookmark features products or best designer pieces as my favorites
  • Craft a project proposal with collected items in boards, upload moodboard images to add aesthetics to the project
  • Share the proposal to clients and let them make a decision for each product
  • Get their comments and review selected choice of product in a user friendly format.