Mobile Development

PubGENIUS focuses on Mobile development with React Native. The combination of experienced React Native and NodeJS developers, solid domain knowledge and design expertize help us to deliver the performance and aesthetics that your business needs.


React Native

Delivery Stages


Mobile application development process starts with Initiation phase where we gain an understanding of your business goals and end-user needs. We also assess technical feasibility and eliminate any technological risk. At this phase we determine priorities for your mobile app, establish best practices for communication, progress reports and the delivery.

Continuous development













We use Iterative Development approach that allows us to break the process of developing a large application into smaller parts. Our development team collaborates through iterative two-weekly sprints throughout the app building process. This approach allows you to release MVP of your mobile app fast so that you can react on customers’ feeback almost instantly. We plan sprints so that every iteration adds value to your business and moves your application ahead. From one sprint to another we quickly incorporate your feedback and prioritize the most critical app features as necessary. That means testing, demonstrating features and incorporating your feedback is the integral part of our continuous development process. You will always be closely engaged into the development process to make sure that our work aligns with your product vision.

Launch & Maintenance

We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your mobile application launch is a successful on both App Store and Google Play Store. We provide training and maintenance to ensure a smooth team handoff and launch.
Our work doesn’t just stop after building and publishing your product. Our maintenance services include performance monitoring and bug fixes to ensure that your mobile application continues to run smoothly.

Our tech stack

Here we have clearly defined the tools which come really handy when we are into the design process so that we become better designers and deliver better and well-designed experience and services.