Ethiq: Analyze your investments

About Project

We supported our customer with the launch of two of his digital products, emphasizing transparency through objective, factual data.


Our team built a new Chrome Extension that allows investors to easily see the monetary links between corporations and federal-level politicians. The extension scans each web page you visit for references to any Fortune® 1000 corporation or the 535 federal-level politicians (US House and Senate).

The second digital product our team developed is a website for EthiQ Portfolio Analyzer that displays connections politicians and corporations involved in the US political process.
After users upload their investment portfolio website PDF report of user's investments and their unique connections to key issues, legislation, politicians, states, countries, etc.

Features we built

Ethiq Chrome Extension

  • Scan any web page you visit
  • Identify Fortune® 1000 corporation or the 535 federal-level politicians
  • Show financial connections between corporations and politicians
  • See the politicians that corporation allocated money to
  • See the corporations that politicians received money from
  • Extension’s search feature to look up a corporation / politician

Ethiq Portfolio Analyzer

  • User questionnaire
  • Upload investment portfolio
  • Generate PDF report that informs investors:
    • Which politicians their portfolio is supporting
    • Which pieces of legislation corporations in their portfolio support or oppose
    • A breakdown of corporate giving by political parties
    • Whether or not their portfolio helps support state and federal governments, and much more.

“PubGenius has been an amazing partner throughout the development process. They’ve always exhibited great professionalism, timely communication skills, and a commitment to produce high quality work.”

Darren Bates

Founder of Ethiq Inc.