MobileMed: designed for healthcare professionals and their patients.

About Project

MobileMed is the platform for HIPAA-compliant communication and care outside of the exam room. Text, secure messages, sending files, sending voice messages and more—all from one secure app, with a unified team inbox. Designed for healthcare professionals and their patients.


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Initially, the Project Manager worked with the existing management for 2 weeks to understand all of the needs of the project. The team was then able to complete an initial project build in 2 months that a former Dev team had scoped at 8 months.5-6 team members collaborated consistently week in and week out on the project. iOS and Android Apps were developed along with a Web Solution; 3 different versions of the products were developed and shipped, and this included continual iteration.

Features we built

  • Sign in to a free and secure patient app.
  • Choose the needed service and talk to the doctor directly.
  • Receive messages from your care team.
  • Send and receive secure messages, including photos, files, and voice messages.
  • Fill in the profile information.
  • Get care whenever you need it.
  • Receive alerts for new activity