Why You Should Get a Custom Browser Extension

March 16, 2022

We all know what browser extensions are and how helpful they can be in streamlining business processes, improving productivity, and making teams more efficient. In fact, there are several browser extensions so widely used that our browsing experience is incomplete without them. Moreover, with a huge variety of browser extensions available, there are high chances that whatever you are looking for you’ll find it available on the marketplace. 

Then why do businesses get custom browser extensions developed? Is it actually beneficial to have your own tailored extension? 

In this article we will answer these questions and help you decide if you should get a custom browser extension.


The Need for Extensions


Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to download a video from a website and you couldn’t find a way to do it? Or you really liked a font style or color on a website and wanted to know which one it is? Or maybe you wanted to give someone feedback on their design work through screen recording? 

With browser extensions you can do all of the above, and much more! Browser extensions have extended the capabilities of internet browsers allowing users to perform their desired activities such as downloading videos, copying fonts, recording videos, and much more. You name it and there’s an extension ready for you to download. 


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Should you get a Custom Browser Extension?


Despite there being thousands of extensions available for all major browsers like Chrome and Safari, a growing number of businesses are going for custom extensions due to the several benefits they offer. Below are the top reasons why you should get a custom browser extension. 


Serves your Unique Business Needs

While the overarching goals of all businesses working in one industry might be similar, each business is unique in its own way. Different organizations have different internal processes and tools. So if your business has unique needs that are not being fulfilled by an existing extension on the market, a custom chrome extension is your only solution. 

Based on your precise requirements you can get a software development firm to develop a custom browser extension for you. This could be a productivity extension for your sales, marketing or support team, or it could be an accounting extension to accelerate your invoicing process. Whatever your need is, an expert developer can develop a fully tailored extension for you.


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Offers Seamless Performance

Extensions are there to boost your productivity, not hamper it. A well developed extension will work seamlessly with your browser without affecting the overall performance. However, if you have installed an extension that has been poorly developed, it can have an opposite effect. Instead of boosting your productivity, it will reduce it because it’s not perfectly compatible with your browser. It can cause your browser to hang, shut down abruptly, or show other unexpected behavior. 

Therefore, businesses choose to go with custom extension development so that it is optimally developed for high-performance and seamless user experience. 


Ensures Data Security 

Security is one of the biggest concerns of every organization while installing a third-party extension. That’s because whenever you install a new extension you will notice that it requires access to certain software and hardware inside your computer such as the camera, microphone, browsing history, etc. Businesses that have strict data protection policies in place will never allow this because this might lead to a data breach and confidential customer or business data can be compromised. 

Therefore, if you are a business that values data security above anything else, you must always go for a custom chrome extension to ensure stringent data security at your organization. 


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Easy Maintenance and Upgrade

This is one of the most underrated benefits of custom extension development. An extension once development needs to be regularly updated to ensure that it continues to perform at its maximum potential. If you install an off-the-shelf extension, you won’t have the ability to upgrade it with your changing needs or system requirements. For example, let’s say your company decides to shift from Windows to Mac systems. In that case most of your chrome extensions will not be available on Safari, affecting business operations. 

This is why businesses go with custom browser extensions so that they can always reach out to the developer to upgrade it when needed. Moreover, you can also add new features and fix bugs with your own extension. 


Bonus: Can Earn You Money!

This one is a bonus advantage. It’s not the main reason why most organizations develop custom extensions but it certainly can be because there’s a lot of potential in monetizing a browser extension. 

If you have identified the need for a custom browser extension, that you believe will be relevant to other businesses in the same industry, you can upload the extension on the marketplace with a price tag on it. You can push your product further in your target market with some digital marketing and if your extension genuinely solves a business problem you will start getting customers for it. From there it’s all about customer service and on-going maintenance and soon your extension will become a source of revenue for you.

Let’s get You a Customized Chrome Extension

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