Top-rated Chrome Extensions for Tab Management

March 17, 2022

On average, Google Chrome users open 9 to 15 tabs per session and this number gets higher for people who use Chrome for professional purposes. It can be challenging for people to manage these many tabs as Chrome doesn’t have any built-in option for tab management. Moreover, because of all the active tabs, Chrome can take a toll on your computer’s RAM usage as well. However, you can find several sophisticated chrome extensions for tab management that can improve your browsing experience. Below, we’ve shortlisted 5 top-rated chrome extensions for tab management based on their features and user reviews. When you are finished reading, you will be able to decide which extension is the best fit for your needs.


Session Buddy

Use Session Buddy to save all the tabs you have opened in different chrome windows during a web session

Web Session is another useful chrome extension for tab management. It records all the tabs and windows you have opened during a web session in real-time. Let’s say you are working on an office project and you have opened several windows and tabs, one for each client, and all of a sudden, your browser stops. You restart your computer and the next thing you know is Google chrome has no history of your last web session. Do you remember which websites you were working on?

Now, instead of going through the pain of recalling what was in those windows and tabs, you can have Session Buddy which keeps a record of all of your web sessions in a well-organized form. You can easily reopen previous sessions using Session Buddy and name the windows according to the tabs they contain.



OneTab is a free chrome extension that converts all the opened tabs into a list and instantly saves up to 95% of the working memory

OneTab is one of the most downloaded chrome extensions for tab management due to its high compatibility with Google Chrome and the ability to save gigabytes of space on your RAM. It works by converting all the tabs into clickable links and saving them as a list. If you are working on a project that requires collaboration, you can share this list with your colleagues via direct URL or QR code. Moreover, OneTab has also been reported to enable your device to quickly resume from sleep while keeping all the opened tabs saved.


Volume Master

Increase the volume of any tab playing audio up to 600% by one click

Volume Master is specially designed for businesses that work with a lot of audio and video files. You can open different audio and video files in multiple tabs and instead of playing all of them on the same level of volume, you can use volume master and set different levels of volume for each tab. It allows you to increase the volume level up to 600% without distorting the quality of sound. It is quite handy to play the audio/video files which have low volume or the users who have compromised hearing.


Tab Snooze

Tab Snooze puts those tabs to sleep which require your attention later and wakes them up when it’s time

How many times have you come across an amazing video or an article that you bookmarked for later and never opened? You wish there was someone who could remind you to open up the link. Now you have Tab Snooze! It’s a very handy Chrome extension for tab management that lets you schedule tabs for later and focus on the tasks at hand. When the scheduled time comes, it opens the tabs with a gentle notification and you can start from where you left off. Snoozing unnecessary tabs also takes a lot of load off your RAM and increases browsing speed.


Tab Resize

Now you can view multiple tabs at the same time using Tab Resize. All you need to do is highlight the tabs you want to resize and select the desired layout option.

Tab Resize is a must-have Chrome extension for tab management as there are not many extensions that provide the feature it offers. It saves you the effort of manually resizing the tabs opened in chrome. There are three ways to resize tabs using this extension;

  • You can highlight multiple tabs by clicking them while holding down the ctrl (Command in Mac) key and resizing them
  •  You can resize all the tabs to the right of your current tab
  • You can press the shift key and select the range of tabs you want to resize

Once you have selected the tabs, you can simply choose the layout and open all the tabs in separate windows. If you haven’t selected any tab, it will just resize the current tab. Resizing tabs make it a lot easier to work with multiple tabs which require constant switching.


Tab Manager Plus

View all the opened tabs and windows in one click

Tab manager plus is a multi featured chrome extension for tab management that allows you to;

  • Display all the opened tabs
  • Highlight the duplicate tabs
  • Put a limit on the number of tabs that can be opened in a window
  • Filter tabs based on their URLs
  • Pin or unpin tabs

However, viewing all the opened tabs and windows with one click is the feature you will end up using the most. This feature allows you to pop up a list that shows you all the tabs and windows you are currently working on and also highlight the duplicate tabs so you can remove them. It’s a handy feature as you do not have to open all the tabs to see what’s in them.


Manage Your Tabs the Way You Want

If these extensions don’t sound like the one you are looking for, you can get a custom chrome extension for tab management. There are several benefits of getting a customized chrome extension like ease of customizability, great performance and uncompromised data security to name a few. Here at pubGENIUS, we develop all kinds of extensions for our clients at a market competitive price. You can talk to one of our expert developers right away by scheduling a consultation.