Top 5 WordPress eCommerce Plugins [2022]

February 28, 2022

Are you looking to build your online eCommerce store? Not sure about which WordPress eCommerce plugins are the best? Don’t worry. We will guide you about the top WordPress eCommerce plugins in 2022 that will help create and grow your online business. So let’s jump right in!


Choosing a bad eCommerce plugin can have drastic effects on your business. It can slow down or even crash your website leading to less traffic and loss in sales. As a business owner, you don’t want this to happen, so you must look for the top WordPress eCommerce plugins that will fulfill your business requirements. Although there are hundreds of WordPress eCommerce plugins available in the market, it can be a daunting task to select the best ones. 


Here is a list of questions that you can ask yourself when considering an eCommerce plugin. 


  1. Is the pricing good for the features it offers?
  2. Will it provide me with all the security features to protect my online store from any security vulnerabilities?
  3. Does it have detailed documentation and technical support?
  4. What payment options are available?
  5. Are there plenty of website themes to choose from?


Once you understand what goals and objectives you want to achieve from your eCommerce plugin, it will be easier for you to figure out the best choices. Here is the list of top WordPress eCommerce plugins to choose from. 




WooCommerce is among the top WordPress eCommerce plugins with over 5 million installations. It offers you a great set of features to help build and expand your business. It was acquired by Automatic, which also operates WordPress. WooCommerce has a wide variety of extensions and themes available, so you can add any new feature to your eCommerce site. Moreover, you can add unlimited products to your eCommerce store without any additional cost. 


Another interesting fact is that you can sell both physical and digital goods like subscriptions, ebooks, software, and much more. Moreover, it supports many popular payment gateways and the option to add new payment methods too. If you haven’t used Woocommerce before, don’t worry; there is complete documentation available to guide you through.


Woocommerce has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 3800+ reviews. Most basic features on Woocommerce are free to use.




BigCommerce is another leading WordPress eCommerce plugin that can provide you with store creation, content management systems, hosting, marketing, security services, and much more. It is well suited for both small and large-scale businesses. You don’t have to worry about its scalability as it will provide high performance irrespective of the business size. Furthermore, BigCommerce can be used across multiple channels like Facebook and Instagram.


Unlike many other eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce doesn’t charge anything on transaction fees and also provides dozens of payment gateways to choose from. Moreover, it has really good SEO features to boost traffic and sales.


The standard version starts from $29.95/month, while the PRO version can cost up to $299.95/month.


Easy Digital Downloads


Easy Digital Downloads is also among the top WordPress eCommerce plugins for selling digital products. It has plenty of extensions, including various payment gateways, SEO tools, and other marketing services. Moreover, it is compatible with almost every WordPress theme and has a wide variety of built-in themes as well. For beginners, It is very easy to use as it comes with detailed documentation, tutorials, and support forums.


This plugin isn’t for you if you are looking to sell physical products, but it’s remarkable for selling digital products. The official WordPress site has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 400+ reviews. It is completely free, but some advanced extensions are paid.  




If you want to sell online courses or subscriptions, then MemberPress should be your top preference. MemberPress is considered to be one of the top WordPress eCommerce plugins that allow you to sell subscription-based digital services. With over 200,000+ active installations, it’s a fully-featured plugin that easily integrates with your WordPress site. 


It offers features like managing subscription members, email marketing services, payments, and much more. Talking more about payments, it has plenty of popular payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. Another interesting fact is that you can create social communities for your members by adding appropriate extensions.


The official WordPress site has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 from 800+ reviews. It only has a paid version starting from $179/year. 




Ecwid is another high-rated WordPress eCommerce plugin that you can use to set up your online store. Initially, you can add up to 10 products for free. For more products, you have to select a paid plan. Moreover, it will provide you with secured hosting, responsive web themes, and integration of payment gateways. An additional feature of this plugin is that it can integrate with WordPress and many other website builders. It also supports social media advertising to attract more customers. 


Ecwid has a free version with limited features to set up a basic eCommerce store. The paid version comes with premium features like advanced SEO, marketing, and management tools starting from $12.50/month. 




In this article, we explained to you about top WordPress eCommerce plugins for your online business. In terms of pricing and quality features, Woocommerce has an edge over many other eCommerce plugins making it a good choice. If you are interested only in selling digital products, then Easy Digital Downloads is the best, followed by Ecwid. 


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