Simple Ways to Increase Your Ad Revenue

July 15, 2020

Every publisher wants to get the most out of their site, and having adsense enabled on your site is just the surface. Here are some important things to keep in mind when you are wanting to increase your ad revenue.

Organic Traffic Growth

Obviously the more traffic you attract to your site the more ad impressions you will obtain. This is the core of this industry. The challenge is attracting organic traffic, in other words, visitors who are genuinely interested in visiting your site for a purpose. This can be a whole other topic on its own. Best approach is to generate high quality content that will attract people to not only come to your site, but keep coming back for more. This is the first step in increasing your ad revenue. 

The Right Ad Format

There are many different ad formats available these days and unlimited possibilities to put them on your site. Each site is different, so it will take some testing and tweaking to find the right fit. One key thing to keep in mind is to make sure the ads are not obstructive to the content of the site, but rather complement it. 

To maintain the flow of content while seamlessly blending ads into it is the hardest


This is a huge factor when advertisers look at the inventor to any site. When buying ad inventory, it is important to know that the ad will be visible to the intended audience. If there is a low viewability score for the ads on your site, this will result in less interest for advertisers to purchase your inventory. 

Do check out our Ad Blindness article for an in-depth look into making sure your ads are viewable.

Optimize User Experience 

User experience is key when capturing and maintaining users to your site. Having a site that is visually appealing while balancing the optimal amount of ads is quite the balancing act. We all have visited sites that are overloaded with ads all over, which we tend to avoid in the future. These billboard sites don’t just pose a challenge for us to filter through the ads just to read the content, it also makes it difficult for the browser to load the page, slowing down the site speed. Studies have shown that 53% of mobile users abandon pages if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. 

A/B Testing 

With all the factors that you will change, it is important to always A/B test against what is already working for the site. As there is always a lot of fluctuation in the ad marketplace, without A/B testing, it is hard to differentiate whether a revenue change is due to the adjustments you did last week, or just a market shift. Having a fixed variable to compare to is 

Header Bidding

Instead of only shopping from one source for your ads, a Header Bidding technology will allow you to shop from multiple sources at the same time. A header bidder implementation has become the go to technology that all the biggest publishers are taking advantage of. Connecting to multiple sources and allowing the technology to display the highest revenue ad unit for each and every time the page loads will ensure you to net as much revenue possible for each impression. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation of your site, our AdOps team can help uncover ways to increase your site’s ad revenue.