Outsourced Ad Operations and Why It’s a Good Strategy

February 1, 2022 Outsourced Ad Operations

We are living in the age of increasing hyperspecialization, which is a term initially coined by Adam Smith, a pioneering Scottish economist and philosopher, back in the eighteenth century. Smith describes hyperspecialization as gradual division of labor into smaller tasks performed by increasingly more specialized workers. Today, this trend is especially relevant to various fields and niches of the technology industry, where delivering projects sometimes requires very complex networks of people distributed around the world, performing highly specialized tasks. 


And advertising technologies are no exception. Due to growing complexity and very quick transformation of tools and solutions in this field, managing advertising operations gets more and more difficult for companies, and requires experts with deep knowledge and expertise in this field. 


This is why outsourcing advertising operations is so popular nowadays. We touched on this topic last year when talking about the differences between in-house and outsourced ad ops. So today we’d like to build on top of that and talk in a bit more detail about the advantages of outsourced ad operations and why hiring an external team specializing in this field to handle your programmatic ad ops is a good business strategy in 2022. 


Expert knowledge and resources


In the age of hyperspecialization, it is very important for businesses that strive for success to be able to use people with proven expertise in highly specialized tasks. And this is especially true in the case of advertising technologies. As ad ops is such a dynamic field, both knowledge and software tools used in it can become outdated pretty quickly. Which leads to multiple difficulties and falling productivity. Companies that provide outsourced ad operations as a service are a lot more likely to be up-to-date with the latest trends in this industry. They not only have experts specializing in this field, but also possess relevant tools and technologies, saving companies time and money required to build an ad tech stack from scratch. 


No training and onboarding expenses 


Another big benefit of outsourcing your ad ops, as opposed to building and maintaining an internal team to handle advertising operations, is the absence of all the costs related to hiring new employees, onboarding and training them. If you go with outsourcing, all this is shouldered by an ad ops partner who specializes in this niche. It is also easier for such companies to hire and train their employees in line with latest industry standards. 


Better performance and faster ROI 


When it comes to performance and motivation to deliver results, outsourcing ad operations to an external team can be very effective. First, outsourced ad operations teams are typically motivated to deliver high quality work to maintain reputation and keep their clients. Second, profit-sharing, when the outsourced team gets a percentage of publisher’s ad profits, is also quite common. In many ways, such an agreement motivates outsourced teams to perform even better, looking for new ways to boost publisher’s ad revenue and delivering faster return on investments compared to in-house ad operations.  


Easy scaling and on-demand services 


Scaling your operations along with growing business needs is another considerable challenge that you don’t have to worry about when outsourcing. Reputable outsourcing companies typically offer multiple service options on-demand, allowing customers to pay only for the resources and expertise they currently need. Naturally, all the headaches related to scaling—such as the need to hire more people or implement more powerful tools—are also a responsibility of the outsourced partner. 


Trackability and high control 


High level of trackability and flexible control over your ad operations is another valuable business benefit. Most serious outsourced ad ops firms provide their customers with multiple control options, allowing them to be as involved in these processes as they like. This enables publishers to choose if they’d like to outsource all aspects of ad operations or just partially, staging in the driver’s seat and coming up with ideas and strategies that are implemented by the external team. Additionally, reputable outsourced ad ops providers typically offer multiple trackability options for their clients, such as reports, time trackers and other ways to ensure highest levels of transparency. 


Lower operational costs 


Even though utilizing outsourced ad operations has multiple benefits, lower costs is definitely the central reason why so many businesses today are choosing to outsource various tasks to external teams. According to this report, in 2021, 80% of small businesses were outsourcing their needs in order to save time and money. Getting an external ad ops partner can allow a publisher to significantly reduce the costs of supporting their ad operations, while maintaining a high level of expertise. 


More time to focus on core business operations 


As a final point, managing programmatic ad operations more often than not ends up being challenging and time-consuming for publishers, preventing them from investing proper time and effort into more valuable core business activities. Outsourcing ad ops can be a great solution to save time in order to focus on more important strategic goals aimed at achieving long-term growth and increased revenues. 


Final words 


As you can see, there are so many reasons why choosing to go with outsourced ad ops ends up being beneficial long-term. For small and medium-sized publishers who lack technical skills and time to properly manage all the aspects of their ad operations, outsourcing this need to professionals with proven expertise in the ad tech field is a way to achieve best results with minimum expenses. 


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