How to Hire a Chrome Extension Developer 

February 12, 2022

Go beyond the limits of your chrome browser by installing the extensions you need. Chrome extensions are extremely useful in increasing the efficiency of business operations in different ways. If you are looking to hire a chrome extension developer, this guide is going to be super helpful for you. Following these steps, you can easily evaluate if you need a chrome extension and how to hire the right development partner for this job.

Reasons for Hiring a Chrome Extension Developer?

Before we get into understanding how to hire a chrome extension developer, it is better to know whether you really need a developer or not. Reading this guide will give you clarity on “when and why to hire an extension developer.” Let’s jump in!

Benefits of a Browser Extension

Are you a small, medium, or large business owner looking to automate some of your important tasks? Chrome extensions can be a lifesaver for you. They can help your business to;

  •         Organize activities (e.g. Todoist & TickTick)
  •         Monitor productivity (e.g. Toggle Button)
  •         Manage bookmarks and tabs (e.g. Session Buddy)
  •         Manage your financial portfolio and get real-time market updates (e.g. Google Finance)
  •         Automate sales and marketing (e.g. Zoho CRM)

Need for customized chrome extensions

It doesn’t make sense to hire a chrome extension developer if there is already an extension available. Hiring a developer is a good idea when there is a need for a customized extension. Customized extensions are specially tailored according to your business needs. You can add features like;

  •         Accessing unique web content quickly that your business needs
  •         Quick stats from any platform you use often
  •         Track employees’ productivity on the internet
  •         Keeping your website secure from interventions

How Hiring a Chrome Extension Developer Helps?

There are multiple reasons to hire an experienced chrome extension developer as opposed to developing it yourself or relying on existing plugins that don’t fit your needs. Since they are experienced, there are strong chances that they have already developed an extension similar to the one you need. It puts them in a better position to understand your requirements quickly and come up with the product. Hiring browser extension developers is also a good idea because they can help you with:

  •       Quick and high quality development 
  •       Making your extensions secure
  •       Keeping the extension updated and optimizing it for performance
  •       Adding new features or modifying the existing ones in the future

Three Things to Look for when Hiring a Chrome Extension Developer 

Now that you understand the importance of hiring a developer for your chrome extension. Let’s dive into the important factors to consider when hiring a developer. This 3-step checklist will equip you with the right strategy to choose the best guy for your job.

Check their Portfolio

Whether you are looking for a software development company or a freelance developer, they both should have portfolios showing past projects. It won’t be a good idea to trust newbies for your project. A qualified and experienced developer is always a reliable option to go with. Go through all the projects they have worked on. It will help you assess their abilities and expertise. Try to look for extensions similar to the one you are looking for. Looking at all these projects will also bring clarity to your scope of work and help you decide which developer is the right for you. Based on the findings, you can also add, remove or replace features you want in your chrome extension.

See testimonials from previous Clients

It’s always a good idea to ask for testimonials and references. Testimonials are normally available with the portfolio or on the websites. You can simply run a quick search on google or other social media platforms to know if the testimonials are legitimate or not. Try getting in touch with one of the clients and ask about their experience with the company. Talking to previous clients can also help you set your expectations in terms of the development process and the time it can take. 

Explore and Shortlist your Options

Don’t rush into choosing the person/company for the development of your product. Make a list of all the options you have explored so far and assign scores based on portfolios, experience, qualification and customer reviews. Shortlist top three candidates for the job and negotiate for the best offer. Never jump right into negotiating rates and costs. Take some time to explain what exactly you are looking for and how you want the product to help you. Ask the developer to walk you through the whole process and clarify your confusions.

Bonus Tips

Before you go, here are a couple of bonus tips for you to hire the best developer out of the candidates you have shortlisted.

Better Go with The Company Than a Freelancer

Hiring a chrome extension developer from a company is better than going with a freelancer as companies are more reliable and professional. It also reduces the chances of frauds and other unpleasant events (for example, delay in the delivery or faults in products). You can count on them to deliver you the product within the committed timeline, which is not always the case when doing business with freelancers.

Request for a Consultation Before Hiring a Chrome Extension Developer

Avoid placing the order right away. Look for ways to get in touch with the desired developer. Most of the service providers offer free consultation so avail it. Even if they don’t, ask for it. Doing a preliminary discussion will help you and the developer better understand the course of action. Consultations are also helpful if you have not much knowledge about the extension and its development process. Make sure you clearly communicate your requirements and have the developer’s say on it. Document everything if possible. Use secure payment gateways for the transaction.

Schedule a Consultation Now

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