Benefits of Custom Chrome Extension Development 

February 17, 2022

Got unique business needs? Or are you tired of testing different chrome extensions that don’t work? Get a customized chrome extension to match your unique business needs. Read on to know the benefits of custom chrome extension development for modern day businesses. The article will list down the top advantages of using a tailored extension and how it will make your life easier.  


Better Browsing Speed

You might find an extension that fulfills your business needs but it will come with extra bells and whistles that slow down your browsing speed and features that you don’t require. One of the important benefits of custom chrome extension development is that you get only what you want. In fact, you can have the developer add specific instructions in HTTP (such as Cache-Control headers to manage the browser caching policies) to increase your browsing speed while ensuring that the extension serves its purpose. Such modifications can have a huge impact to keep the browsing experience smooth especially when you are using an extension for complex business operations.


Asset Building

You can also have financial benefits of custom chrome extension development. A trailblazing chrome extension outfitting contemporary business needs can be a valuable asset. You can get in touch with a company offering chrome extension development services and have them code a chrome extension for you. Google allows you to list your extension on the chrome store and sell it there. Chrome extensions are in high demand and with little marketing you can easily land a client willing to pay a good price for your extension.

It’s better to identify the needs of customers before you engage in the development of a custom chrome extension. You can search for online trends by looking at different business proposals on platforms like Upwork.


Competitive Advantage

There is little benefit in having a resource that is also available to all your competitors. Businesses these days rely on competitive advantages to outperform their competitors and sustain their growth. An asset can only give you a competitive edge if it’s not easily replicable. A sophisticated chrome extension that boosts your business operations in some way, can be a great competitive advantage to your business. This is one of the benefits of custom chrome extension development for which many businesses are getting their customized extensions developed. You can have the copyrights of your chrome extension so only those businesses that have your permission can use it, and having permission here means paying you to use it.


Business Automation

Chrome extensions can save your time by automating your business operations. You may have your preference in terms of the operations you want to automate and optimize. These may be the tasks you perform on a regular basis such as filling web-based forms and mining data. Since businesses have unique ways of operating, it is very much possible that you do not find a chrome extension that fits your needs. Depending upon the unique needs of your business, you can have a customized chrome extension to automate specific processes for you. It is probably the most important benefit of custom chrome extension development as it saves you time, removes errors by making the processes devoid of human involvement and increases the overall efficiency of the process.


Online Access to Shared Data

Benefits of custom chrome extension development also include online access to office data. With the constant evolution of workplaces, nine-to-five jobs are turning into flexible working hours. Companies are hiring more and more people to work from home as it allows them to hire people from different countries. This trend has created the need for continuous access to the office data from anywhere one is working. Desktop apps cannot be synchronized for the devices your employees have at home and therefore syncing a chrome extension is a valuable alternative. You can free your employees from the office desktop by syncing the data to chrome extensions. Since you and your employees won’t be chained to the office desktop, it will be possible to work from anywhere in the world.


Higher Security

Benefits of chrome extension development also extend to providing a higher level of data and system security. Installing a third-party application always comes with a certain amount of risk. Extensions available in the market are often baits for system intrusions and intellectual property theft. It is hard for non-tech businesses to detect such intrusions as they are often carried out by pros. This is where getting a custom chrome extension helps. Even if there is an extension available that serves your needs, it is still better to get a customized extension if you have data you don’t want to share. Hiring a reliable chrome extension developer from a reputable company will be beneficial for you in terms of securing your data from intrusions.  


It’s Easier than You Think

Extensions you see on chrome stores are also developed by independent chrome extension developers. There are many freelancers available in the market offering chrome extension development but it is always recommended to hire a company for such a task. Companies are more likely to understand your needs in a better way as they deal with a large number of clients regularly. They might also suggest options which better suit your needs. The overall process of hiring a chrome extension developer is quite simple. You just need to spend some time exploring different options and finding the one which suits your needs. You can check this guide to hire a chrome extension developer to understand the complete process and reap the benefits of custom chrome extension development.


Let’s get You a Customized Chrome Extension

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