6 Mistakes To Avoid While Developing a Custom Chrome Extension

March 17, 2022

Chrome extensions are very popular among businesses and for all the good reasons. Many businesses invest in custom chrome extension development to improve their day-to-day operations. Extensions help automate business operations, increase browsing speed, block on-site ads, and provide an extra bit of security. If you are a business owner and considering investing in custom chrome extensions, here are a few common mistakes that you need to avoid.


Misunderstanding the Need


Businesses use extensions for different purposes, from as simple as highlighting the on-page text to as complex as managing virtual workspaces. It is also one of the advantages of custom chrome extension development that you get only what you want. Before reaching out to someone for custom chrome extension development, make sure you are crystal clear about the purpose you want the extension to serve. At times, businesses consult extension developers with ambiguous requirements and unclear objectives which result in the wastage of time and energy on both ends. Ask yourself questions like; What exactly do you want the extension for? Is there already an extension available that fits your needs? You must narrow down the features you want in your chrome extension so you don’t end up getting unnecessary functions added to it. It will not only slow down the browsing speed but will also cost you extra bucks that you can easily avoid.


Choosing the Wrong Developer


Chrome extension development is not very different from web development. Many web developers also provide extension development services as the basic skills required for developing a chrome extension are similar to the ones required for web development such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Having said that, it is important that you hire someone who has developed similar kinds of extensions in the past or at least has experience in developing extensions for businesses. Companies are more likely to meet this criterion as they have more than one developer who are expert in different niches. Find a company that understands the nature of your business so they can come up with useful suggestions based on their past experience. If you are confused about where to look for and how to find a developer who fits your business needs, you can read this detailed article on how to find a chrome extension developer. It will walk you through all the steps from finding to hiring the best developer for your extension.


Hiring a Freelancer


Hiring a freelancer for custom chrome extension development appeals to many businesses as it is quick and saves money. However, freelancers are notorious for late deliveries and poor-quality work. A major reason for this is the fact that there is no streamlined course of business followed by them, and therefore, the element of accountability is way too less as compared to developers working with a company. Once the task is over, they are often not available for future revisions in the project. If you need an extension for your complex business needs, it is recommended to find a company that has a team of expert developers who can understand your needs in a better way and offer maintenance services for your custom chrome extension. This will ensure that your extension is regularly monitored and updated.


Compromising the Security


The security aspect of chrome extensions is often overlooked, but it can hurt you big time. Extensions can be malicious in terms of collecting valuable information from your system and sharing it on the internet. You can easily come across an independent developer who would provide you with a chrome extension with compromised security. At times it is intentional, but it can also be due to the lack of skills on the developer’s end, failing to ensure the overall security of the extension. This is also one of the reasons it is advised to go for a reliable source when hiring someone for the development of a custom chrome extension.


Not Doing Enough Research


It is always a good idea to look for different custom chrome extension development options and then choose the one that suits your needs and the budget. Sometimes, rushing the process deprives you of the optimal option. Spending some time searching for multiple options and then evaluating them also helps you better understand the process of getting your product developed. Different developers come up with different solutions and ideas which can help you refine the needs you want a chrome extension for. An easy way of doing this is to schedule a consultation with a couple of developers and discuss your business objectives and how you expect a chrome extension to fit in it. With multiple options available, you will also have better bargaining power to land a favorable deal for you.


Insufficient Testing


Everyone would like to hit the spot with their first attempt at custom chrome extension development. However, that is often not the case. A useful chrome extension is developed after being tested by many users. It is recommended to get the developers to make a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first, which you can share with your employees. It will generate feedback that you can discuss with the developer to improve the product. Feedback from user experience is a great way to ensure that the chrome extension you are getting developed serves the purpose.


Let us Help You


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