5 things to look for in a WordPress Developer

February 18, 2022

You might be looking for a WordPress developer to build a website for your eCommerce store (Yes, WordPress is widely used to build websites for eCommerce stores), Blog, Portfolio or a business you want to scale online.  

The rapid adoption of WordPress for creating websites has pushed the market share of WordPress to 43.3%. The number of WordPress developers is increasing with every passing day but at the same time, hiring a WordPress developer can be a tricky process.

Luckily, you don’t have to sift through loads of data as we already have. Based on our experience, there are 5 things to look for in a WordPress Developer. It covers everything from basic to advanced requirements. All you need to do is find a developer who checks all the boxes for the items discussed below.

Technical Knowledge

It’s a no-brainer that technical skills would top any list which talks about the things to look for in a WordPress developer. These are the hard skills a guy must have in order to qualify as a WordPress developer.

  • Languages

Proficiency in the programming and markup languages is one of the most important things to look for in a WordPress developer.


A thorough understanding of HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is required for the designing and modeling of a web page. It is what keeps the components of a website together.


HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) go hand in hand. If HTML provides a bone structure to the website, CSS gives skin to it. All the styling and layout designing of a website is done in CSS. 


Also known as the brain of the website. A developer must have sound knowledge and hands-on experience with JavaScript to cater to all kinds of web development needs.

According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, JavaScript is the most popular programming language among developers.

  • DBMS Skills

Different database systems are used in web development. A relational database is used in case of eCommerce or blog websites. A competent WordPress developer knows his way around different database systems like MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB and SQL server.

  • SEO

Keeping an eye on the best SEO practices is very important as they keep changing. Google and other search engines keep updating their algorithms for web page indexing. As a developer, one must understand how different search engines rank web pages as well as the best practices related to on-page SEO.

Niche Knowledge

Look for developers who have worked in a specific niche for a long period of time. They can quickly understand your requirements and might also come up with useful suggestions for your new website. For this reason, it is normally recommended to hire a company for your WordPress website as companies have multiple developers in all kinds of niches to serve their clients. Companies are also more likely to deliver on time while maintaining the quality of the work.

Portfolio and Past work

So how would you ensure that a person has all the skills listed above? Portfolios. All experienced web developers maintain a portfolio of their work so they can attract more clients. You don’t want to put your money at stake by hiring a newbie who hasn’t worked on real projects yet. Always ask the person you are hiring to share his past work with you so you can assess his skills. For companies, their portfolios are normally available on their website. You can simply skim through it and see if it has what you are looking for.

Feedback from Previous Clients

It is another way to check the credibility of a WordPress developer. From portfolios, you can easily trace back to their clients and drop a short message to learn about their experience with the developers. If you are lucky enough, you might find someone who can recommend just the right person you are looking for to get your job done.

Soft Skills

The importance of soft skills is often underrated when talking about the things to look for in a WordPress developer. Soft skills include communication, problem-handling, analytical abilities, teamwork and a general understanding of how things normally work. It is crucial that a developer understands your requirements and communicates with you effectively in case of any ambiguity. You are far better off with someone who quickly gets the feel of your business and understands how you want your website to look like.

Important Considerations

Apart from the things to look for in a WordPress developer, it is useful to know where you can find a WordPress developer and what is the right approach of onboarding a developer.

Where to Look for?

You might already be aware of the popular freelancing platforms where people offer web development services. No doubt there are many competent and experienced WordPress developers available on these sites. However, it often happens that working with freelance developers results in late deliveries and low-quality work. Hiring a reputable company is always a better option than going with an independent developer. Companies have a formal course of business and they also take care of things like website security which is often overlooked by freelance developers. You can run a quick search on google to get in touch with some of the best companies offering WordPress development services.

Ask for a Consultation Before hiring

Rather than finalizing the deal with the first developer you come across, it is better to consult with a couple of people. It will allow you to shortlist candidates based on the skills mentioned above. Companies normally offer free consultations which can either be a video or a phone call. It is recommended to speak to at least three people before you finalize a candidate.


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