5 Reasons You Need a Professional WordPress Developer

February 1, 2022 5 Reasons You Need a Professional WordPress Developer

If you are a business owner looking to go digital with a brand new website or just planning to revamp your existing website, you must have heard of WordPress. A custom website is a must for many reasons explained in this article. Another thing you would have heard of is that WordPress is pretty easy, and anyone can develop a website on it with the help of free online resources. Then why hire a professional WordPress Developer?


In this article, we will uncover the top 5 reasons why you need a WordPress Developer for your new website. 


But before we get to that, let’s quickly talk about WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) and whether it’s the right choice for you.


Is WordPress the right choice for you?


WordPress is the most popular CMS today, with an estimated 65% market share. What makes it so popular is the fact that it’s a 100% free and open-source platform with a huge online marketplace of themes, plugins, extensions, and developers. Anyone can download and install WordPress and build a website from scratch with the help of drag and drop features. Furthermore, thousands of pre-built WordPress themes are available that are specifically designed for different industry verticals. Although most of the good themes are not free, they offer great value for money, considering the fact that you can purchase a theme that is exactly designed for your business, and all you have to do after that is update the contents. It’s so easy!


Furthermore, WordPress is highly customizable, which means that a professional WordPress Developer can develop a totally custom website for you that is tailored to your unique business requirements and design philosophy. 


To sum it up, WordPress is a good choice for you if you want:


  • An affordable solution
  • Quick development 
  • Easy third party integrations 
  • Easy maintenance 


Why do you need a professional WordPress Developer?


Even with all the themes, plugins, and free resources, professional businesses prefer building a custom website with the help of an experienced WordPress Developer. Here’s why:


1. Custom Design 

 If you want to stand out of the crowd, you need a website design that reflects your unique brand identity and not a template everyone has on the internet. And that’s only possible with a professional WordPress Developer. A developer can implement virtually any design and feature that you want him to. Therefore you can give your users a unique website experience and not compromise on your design philosophy. 


2. Better Performance 

Pre-built themes are full of functionalities, features, and design options, most of which you will never use. Moreover, most of these fancy themes have inefficient coding done at the backend. This makes the overall website feel slow and ultimately affects the user experience and SEO. A professional WordPress developer will develop the website in an optimal manner to ensure there is no unnecessary code, plugin, or feature that slows down your website. 


3. Improved Security

Security is considered to be one of the main downsides of using a WordPress website because they are often less secure compared to other website solutions. The reason for that is not the platform itself but the fact that a lot of people try to develop their website themselves with an off-the-shelf theme or go to an inexperienced developer. And what ends up happening is that the website is vulnerable to bots, malware, and hackers. A professional WordPress developer knows where the security loopholes are, which plugins are not safe, how to tackle server-side vulnerabilities, and so on.  Therefore only an expert can ensure that all bases are covered so that your website remains safe and secure. 


4. On-going Maintenance

Just like everything else in this world, websites also need regular maintenance so that they keep performing at their best. A normal website maintenance may involve:

  • Upgrading the WordPress version
  • Upgrading the PHP version
  • Updating the plugins and extensions
  • Publishing new web pages or updating existing ones
  • Removing broken links
  • Taking regular backups
  • Performing regular performance and security audits 


A professional WordPress developer can do all of this for you so that you continue to leverage the maximum potential of your website.


5. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is imperative for any website these days. Every website owner wants tons of organic traffic on their website to drive business growth. Getting a nice website is one thing, but getting it to rank on Google and gaining good quality traffic is another. This is why most website owners prioritize SEO these days to make sure their website gets the traction it deserves. 

While SEO has several different factors, a lot of them requires the help of a professional WordPress developer, such as:


  • Optimizing meta-data
  • Compressing oversized images
  • Minifying codes for better performance 
  • Optimizing performance on mobile devices (responsiveness)
  • Implementing structured data
  • Taking care of crawlability and indexability issues
  • And much more


Therefore, if SEO is one of your goals with the new website, you must consider hiring a professional WordPress developer who can collaborate with your marketing team to get you the desired results. 




To conclude, if you are someone who needs a reliable, high-performing, and search engine optimized website, you must get the services of a professional WordPress Developer. A professional understands the platform inside out and has years of experience in this field. They will ensure that your website delivers on your expectations, and you don’t have to worry about its maintenance so that you can focus on your core business operations.


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