5 Ways to Increase Ad Revenue Through Optimization

April 12, 2022

Without a doubt, online publishers will always be focused on ad revenue optimization and raising their ad income. Which is why it is safe to assume that methods and strategies for growing ad revenues will always be an inexhaustible and exciting topic to talk about. 

This knowledge certainly is in high demand today. Even though we have recently published an article on how to maximize ad revenue from your website, as well as posting another one earlier, with general recommendations on ways to boost your ad revenues as a publisher, here’s another piece. This time, we focus on ad revenue optimization and the ways to achieve growth through implementing a number of strategic methods. 

Here are our top five methods of programmatic ad revenue optimization that are very relevant for publishers in 2022. 


1. Ad-blocked revenue recovery


Recovering revenues that you are losing due to ad blockers would certainly be among the most relevant and highly effective ad revenue optimization strategies. As the usage of ad blockers gets increasingly common across countries, web publishers tend to lose a considerable share of potential ad revenues as a result of users having ad blockers installed. According to this research by Informa Group, the spread of ad blockers cost online publishers $35 billion in lost revenue by 2020.

Integrating anti-adblock tools into the websites is a common way to address this problem. Which is what you need in order to be able to recover that revenue. The difficult part is that not all anti-adblock tools are equally good and effective. Some solutions are only effective for a limited period of time before the ad blockers find a way to exploit them. Some ad blockers also can misidentify website plugins and widgets as ads, disrupting the user experience as a result. So you should carefully select and properly test an anti-adblock software before widely implementing it across all your online properties. 


2. Optimization for fast ad delivery


Optimizing your websites and ad inventory for the delivery of programmatic banners to be as fast as possible is also a highly recommended strategy. The load time of all website components is a crucial aspect that can significantly damage your ad revenues when neglected. Modern-day users are expecting websites and ads to load fast. 

Ideally, it should not take more than three seconds for your programmatic banners to load. According to a study by Google, the chance of a user bounce gets increased by 32% when a page load time goes down from one to three seconds. And by 90% when the page load time goes down from one to five seconds. If the website takes up to 10 seconds to load, the chance of a bounce increases by 123%.

There are multiple technologies that you can utilize for faster ad delivery. They include lazy loading, website code customizations to minimize page latency, implementing CDN-based delivery of programmatic banners and a number of other techniques. 


3. Test multiple SSPs and ad networks


As you know, programmatic advertising is a highly active, dynamic market with new programmatic solutions and technologies emerging and changing each other at increasing speed. This is why it is always a good idea to test and try multiple supply-side platforms (SSPs) and ad networks on a regular basis. In this rapidly changing market, SSPs and ad networks can gain and lose popularity among major brands and large ad agencies fairly quickly. And constantly trying new platforms, while also looking for SSPs and ad networks with highest rates for programmatic ads, typically ends up being a good ad revenue optimization strategy. 


4. Utilize most innovative and highly-viewable ad formats


Constantly trying new formats of programmatic advertising is another strategy that seems to pay off for publishers in the long run more often than not. Similarly to SSPs and ad networks, new programmatic ad formats come and start trending rapidly. And utilizing the benefits of innovative ad formats instead of using only standard IAB units can be beneficial in terms of ad revenue optimization. 

Here are some of the most interesting modern-day programmatic advertising formats that are worth trying:


  • Native ads,


  • In-banner video ads,


  • Sticky ads,


  • In-image ads, 


  • Interstitial ads,


  • Expandable banner ads. 
  • Try using server-side header bidding.


Header bidding isn’t a new technology, but many publishers are reluctant to implement header bidding due to concerns about complexity and maintenance. We were talking about and recommending this technology back in 2020 and everything said then is still relevant today. 

Header bidding is a programmatic advertising technique that allows publishers to offer each impression to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously. Header bidding has gained popularity as an alternative to the traditional demand waterfall, in which publishers offer inventory to ad exchanges and SSPs by passing impressions from partner to the next until a bid is accepted. 

The latest innovation in header bidding technologies is so-called server-side header bidding. Also known as server-to-server header bidding, this technique enables the programmatic ad auction to take place on a server instead of a browser. Server-to-server header bidding is a great method for ad revenue optimization as it can considerably enhance your ad yield. 


Final thoughts


Determined to launch a full-scale ad revenue optimization project but don’t have time to sort through different programmatic advertising solutions and test multiple strategies? Outsource this headache along with all the other challenging aspects of your ad operations to professionals with proven expertise in the ad tech field. 

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