Frustrating Aspects Of Building Your Own Site

February 24, 2022

At some point in time, all business owners and service providers feel the need to have their own website. It may be because they want to reach more customers or stay connected to the existing ones. While you can learn almost anything on the internet these days, learning to build your own site and then actually doing it might not be a good idea. There are many aspects of building your own site which can be frustrating for you.


Using Free Site Builders

Using free site builders to build your own site does sound very tempting especially if you do not have any programming knowledge. Free website builders are the number one reason people believe they can build their own site. These tools really make web development look like a walk in the park. However, it is not true. There are many disadvantages of using a free site builder;

  • You cannot have a domain name of your choice. With a free plan, your URL will have the name of the site builder at the end. For example, if you own a business named “XYZ” and you use for developing the website, your URL will be
  • There are very limited features available if you are using a free plan.
  • Website builders run their own ads and display banners if you are using a free plan.
  • Unless you want a website just for fun, it looks very unprofessional to have a website built on free site developer.
  • You get inaccurate analytical reports with free site builders and thus can never determine how the users are liking your content.

SEO Issues

Building your own site and then ranking it on google are two different things. Without technical knowledge, you might be able to build a reasonable website but there goes a lot of effort into making it appear in the search results. Finding keywords and sprinkling them on your content is just one step (perhaps the easiest one) of optimizing your page for search engines. There are other dimensions of SEO which include creating XML sitemap, optimizing pages for different devices like mobile, tablet and laptop, fixing duplicate content issues and there is much more to it. You can read this article to just get a glimpse of how deep SEO is. All of these aspects of SEO are to be taken care of in order to make crawlers read your web pages. Even experienced web developers sometimes find themselves in a situation where they ask SEO experts for guidance. Having a company develop your website takes care of SEO problems as they have a separate team of SEO experts working on web optimization.



Website performance anomalies are very common to occur. Almost every website faces anomalies due to different reasons like security threats and JavaScript errors. A lot of expertise is required in the detection of anomalies and then removing them from the website as sophisticated tools and techniques are to be used in this process. Detection of an anomaly is quite a tricky process, let alone removing it. It can cause a lot of frustration to be unable to identify what’s not working in a website when you are building your own site.


Time Intensive

Building your own site which is fully functional is not only difficult, but it’s a very time-consuming task as well. A fully functional website is one which has good HTML coding, efficient backend structure, no broken links, fast loading speed and has been optimized to be responsive on different devices. All these aspects of web development take loads of time and it is often the case that people leave many aspects unattended due to shortage of time or lack of expertise. It leads to the dissatisfaction of customers when they visit your website. The problem gets worse if you are jumping in web development without any prior experience. In such a case, even the minor tasks like inserting an HTML code to connect the website to an analytical tool can consume a lot of time to learn and implement.


Website Maintenance

Website maintenance includes fixing bugs, integrating and updating plugins, updating the website for new SEO changes, reviewing design and structure of the website for potential improvements and making sure the site doesn’t go down in any scenario. Maintaining a website is an ongoing process. As a business grows, more and more customers start visiting the website which affects the performance of the site. Moreover, the content of the website is also subjected to change according to the new strategies of the business. You will often need to update all call-to-action buttons and rewrite descriptions on your webpage.  All these tasks and many more make web maintenance a teamwork rather than a job of a single person.


Compromised User Experience

Imagine yourself walking into a clothing store and not being able to locate the item you are looking for or the counter to pay your bill at. Same is the case when you have a poorly designed website. Such a website is difficult to navigate and keeps giving errors when visitors perform certain tasks. When you do not have a team continuously monitoring your website, it results in compromised user experience which ultimately leads to increase in churn rate. With so many buying options available, customers are highly unlikely to stay with a business which has a terrible website. Moreover, a customer’s journey on a website must be continuously followed so you know what features need to be optimized to improve user experience.


PubGenius can Help

At PubGenius, we provide full-fledged web development solutions which include site building, maintenance and optimization. You can rely on us to manage your web presence and add value to your business. We have a team of experts who work hard to keep the process smooth and transparent for our clients. Book a consultation now and discuss your requirements with our team. Based on your goals and industry best practices, our team will suggest to you the optimal web solution for your business.