pubGENIUS. specializes in engineering customized solutions for digital publishers that are looking to maximize their revenue potential. We understand the nuances and pains of the everyday publisher because we, too, are publishers. Our company's portfolio includes our owned & operated properties and a diverse suite of managed sites (partner publishers) from various verticals, including but not limited to lifestyle, news blogs, and review sites. By leveraging data and technology, we push the envelope. Our goal is to put our partner publishers 1st. We do this by offering a comprehensive, integrated solution that can be customized to meet any publisher's needs. We manage your full ad stack from top to bottom so you can focus on what you do best - to publish quality content!

Our Approach

pubGENIUS. leverages proprietary first-look serving technology along with our "one-tag" solution that streamlines the ad stack giving a publisher the ability to maximizes revenue performance. We pride ourselves on consistency and transparency optimizing your revenue for optimal yield.

The [GENIUS] Team

A mixture of ad tech, digital marketing, publisher ad stack, user engagement optimization AND custom full-stack development -- you'll find that cognitive diversity & strategy is in our DNA!

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