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Kevin Shen June 9, 2021
Supply-Side Platform (SSP) - Functionality and Features

The digital advertising industry gets increasingly complex when it comes to the diversity of platforms and solutions that allow you to buy and sell ads. We began to

Kevin Shen June 8, 2021
Invalid Traffic (IVT) & Ad Fraud - How to Eliminate

We already touched on the subject of the invalid traffic (IVT) when talking about shadow banning and how a publisher can prevent shadow ban from advertisers. Even though

Ad Ops as
a Service (AOaaS)

Our full-service solution with everything
you need for end-to-end inventory
management and revenue optimization.

-HeaderBidding Wrapper
-Yield Management
-Direct Sales
-Ad Quality

AOaas is designed to cover all aspects of digital marketing, programmatic advertising, and revenue optimization

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Kevin Shen June 1, 2021
What Is Shadow Banning and How to Prevent It

There are multiple traps, pitfalls and challenges every publisher has to overcome in the process of monetizing their content. Very often these issues can be very insidious, devouring

Kevin Shen May 28, 2021
Ad Viewability - Why It Is Important, and How to Improve It

There are multiple concepts and criteria that publishers should be well acquainted with in order to keep their monetization strategies optimized and up-to-date. One such major concept is

Kevin Shen May 21, 2021
4 Powerful Digital Ad Formats for a Publisher to Utilize

One of the fundamental issues both web publishers and advertisers are facing today when it comes to digital advertising is an incredibly fast development of this market and