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Kevin Shen July 21, 2021
Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and How It Works

Real-time bidding (RTB) is quite an important part of programmatic advertising. This technology has had a major effect on online advertising in general. It forever transformed this market

Kevin Shen July 6, 2021
In-House vs. Outsourced Ad Ops. What to Choose?

Outsourcing ad ops is quite a common business practice today. It allows companies to be more productive and cost-effective by entrusting certain processes and operations to third-party firms

Ad Ops as
a Service (AOaaS)

Our full-service solution with everything
you need for end-to-end inventory
management and revenue optimization.

-HeaderBidding Wrapper
-Yield Management
-Direct Sales
-Ad Quality

AOaas is designed to cover all aspects of digital marketing, programmatic advertising, and revenue optimization

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Kevin Shen July 1, 2021
Google Core Web Vitals Update : What Publishers Need to Know

2021 is an exciting time for the online publishing and ad tech community. Google is rolling out a major broad core algorithm update, which for the first time

Kevin Shen June 21, 2021
What is a Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and How It Works

As we just finished talking about Supply-Side Platform (SSP), which represents the publisher’s side of programmatic advertising, it is only fair to take a look at Demand-Side Platform

Kevin Shen June 9, 2021
Supply-Side Platform (SSP) - Functionality and Features

The digital advertising industry gets increasingly complex when it comes to the diversity of platforms and solutions that allow you to buy and sell ads. We began to