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Kevin Shen May 12, 2021
Lazy Loading Ads - Improved User Experience and CTR

In this new era of innovative ad tech solutions, web publishers are still facing pretty much the same old challenges and problems. Any publisher's ultimate goal is to

Kevin Shen May 12, 2021
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Ad Ops as
a Service (AOaaS)

Our full-service solution with everything
you need for end-to-end inventory
management and revenue optimization.

-HeaderBidding Wrapper
-Yield Management
-Direct Sales
-Ad Quality

AOaas is designed to cover all aspects of digital marketing, programmatic advertising, and revenue optimization

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Kevin Shen April 29, 2021
What Is an Ad Stack - Components and Elements

The technology industry is well-known for growing and evolving at such an incredible pace. Even professionals working in this field often have trouble keeping up with all the

Kevin Shen April 27, 2021
Ad Blindness - Why Your Ad Has Low CTR and How to Fix It

When it comes to the online advertising, our brain’s self-defence against excessive information results in a phenomenon called ad blindness.   Our minds are constantly exposed to various

Kevin Shen April 13, 2021
The Difference Between CTV and OTT Ads

TV content market is going through transformations, caused largely by a rapid shift towards new methods of content delivery. Consumers around the globe are increasingly “cutting the cord”