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Kevin Shen November 23, 2021
How Ad Fraud Damages Your Ad Revenues

Digital ad fraud remains to be one of the most serious challenges affecting the programmatic ads market and limiting its growth. And despite various new tools and technologies

Kevin Shen November 11, 2021
Reducing High Bounce Rate - 8 Pro Tips for Better Engagement and Conversions 

High user bounce rate is one of the most frequent, fundamental and considerable issues that web publishers are facing. Whether your goal is to convert website visitors into

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Kevin Shen November 3, 2021
3 Most Common Ad Stack Problems and How to Fix Them 

Ad Stack Problems. The ad tech industry is an increasingly crowded and competitive space. The number of multiple solutions, ad formats, technologies and platforms is growing rapidly. So

Kevin Shen October 27, 2021
8 Proven Ad Stack Optimization Strategies

Ad Stack optimization.   The most important part of any header bidding solution.   As the ad tech space is getting increasingly complex and competitive. More and more

Kevin Shen August 24, 2021
Rich Media Ads - Why They Are Better Than Static Banners 

Rich media ads. What are they exactly? As you probably know, the effectiveness of traditional banner advertising has been declining. Since the early 2000s, when the digital advertising