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Kevin Shen November 7, 2020
Metrics That Matter, CPM, eCPM, and RPM

If there’s one thing you can count on in ad tech, it’s that there’s an acronym for everything: CPM, eCPM, RPM. Wading through an alphabet soup of terms

Kevin Shen November 7, 2020
Making Sense of Google’s Ad Products

Google is unquestionably the leader when it comes to monetizing web properties. With a wide portfolio of products, fairly recent changes have created confusion for publishers looking for

Ad Ops as
a Service (AOaaS)

Our full-service solution with everything
you need for end-to-end inventory
management and revenue optimization.

-HeaderBidding Wrapper
-Yield Management
-Direct Sales
-Ad Quality

AOaas is designed to cover all aspects of digital marketing, programmatic advertising, and revenue optimization

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Kevin Shen November 7, 2020
Header Bidding = Better Bidding

Header bidding isn't new technology, but many publishers are reluctant to implement header bidding due to concerns about complexity and maintenance. We're doing a deep dive into header

Kevin Shen July 9, 2020
CPM, RPM, and eCPM - Formulas and Calculations

To keep things short and sweet:   CPM - Cost Per Mille Cost of the campaign / Number of total impressions * 1000   eCPM - Effective Cost

Kevin Shen July 8, 2020
Data Science in Programmatic Advertising

An overview exploring the world of programmatic Advertising and how we utilize Data Science here at PubGenius. Written by our former intern, colleague, and friend Saloni Somaiya. You