Наша команда

Мы команда ветеранов программной рекламы, одержимы созданием новых технологий, данных и рекламных замков.

Kevin Stubbs Kevin Stubbs
Kevin Stubbs
Jeremy Crawford Jeremy Crawford
Jeremy Crawford
Louis De La Garza Louis De La Garza
Louis De La Garza
Michelle Bommer Michelle Bommer
Michelle Bommer
Director of Adops
Lloyd Berry Lloyd Berry
Lloyd Berry
VP Programmatic Sales
James Strang James Strang
James Strang
Principal Adops Specialist
Meng Luan Meng Luan
Meng Luan
Senior Ad Tech Developer
Zigquille Mabry Zigquille Mabry
Zigquille Mabry
Adops Specialist
David Leung David Leung
David Leung
Adops Specialist
Kevin Shen Kevin Shen
Kevin Shen
Anastasiia Shebeta Anastasiia Shebeta
Anastasiia Shebeta
oRTB Manager
Tom Ferguson Tom Ferguson
Tom Ferguson
Principal Sales
Matthew Wood Matthew Wood
Matthew Wood
Principal eSports Sales
Vasyl Huzak Vasyl Huzak
Vasyl Huzak
UI/UX Designer
Giorgi Katcharava Giorgi Katcharava
Giorgi Katcharava
DevOps Engineer
Giorgi Khimshiashvili Giorgi Khimshiashvili
Giorgi Khimshiashvili
App Developer
We are international
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Our mission

Our mission is to make advertising a perfectly efficient market, for every device, format, and vertical from apps to spaceships.

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Each of us are ambitious and determined to change how the world works.

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Be a Terminator

We get shit done. Each of us are responsible for our choices and outcomes.

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Knot Cutters

When faced with an impossible problem, we find a way to cut the knot.

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    kvachakhiadimitri@gmail.com 12 января, 2021
    Что Такое "Header Bidding"

    Header-Bidding in digital advertising Невозможно не отметить преимущества header-bidding над технологией «Водопада» или RTB. Она