Header Bidding Wrapper

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Header Bidding Wrapper

Our headerbidding wrapper allows publishers a robust platform to handle all their advertising needs.
Whether you are a seasoned optimization champion, or just starting to tinker, our wrapper will be able to handle all scales of ad requests.
Maximize the value of each ad with add-ons such as dynamic flooring, in-depth reporting, and ad quality service.

Our extra offer

Formats Supported Formats Supported

We currently support display / video across desktop & mobile web, and CTV.

Dynamic Floor Pricing Dynamic Floor Pricing

Set varying floor pricing based on a host of parameters.

Ad Quality Ad Quality

Generate revenue without severely restricting categories of ads.

Easy Integration Easy Integration

Plug and play into your existing codebase.

7 800 000 000 People

Because advertising is complicated enough. Tell your story, find your audience.
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What our clients say?

Before pubGENIUS, we had been through at least 5 to 6 different ad monetization companies. Until finding pubGENIUS it was extremely difficult to find knowledgeable transparent partners to trust with monetizing our online properties. The team at pubGENIUS has consistently gone above and beyond to effectively maximize revenue for our company. Their finger is on the pulse of todays latest and ever changing ad technologies and various industry trends. Thank you pubGENIUS!


pubGENIUS have provided a superb level of support. We went from a site incapable of running ads, to a site fully built and managed from an ads perspective. Our requirements were very specific, and pubGENIUS were able to meet them happily, and ongoing support has been excellent.