AdOps Suite
by pubGENIUS

Self-serve suite of tools for Adops teams and sophisticated publishers.
These are the tools that we built internally to manager our publishers and
make them 4x+ what they were earning from AdSense.

Now they are Avaliable to you too!

Get started

Manage your prebid config, demand partners, and ad units

  • Provide access to your team

  • Deploy remotly and rollback bad deployments

Header bidder wraper

  • Dynamic flooring included

  • Bring your own ad quality vendor like Confiant or
    GeoEdge, or use ours

  • Ad refreshing, lazy loading, viewability managment ,
    sticky ads, and more are supported as core features.

Ads.txt hosting and validation

  • Make changes to all of your site's ads.txt at once

  • Get alerted if ads.txt file goes down or important lines
    were removed

Let your users report ads

  • Get reported ad reports in email, Slack, or Clickup.
    Other integrations avaliable upon request.

Advanced analytics & reporting


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